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Paul Thiltges Distributions is a Luxembourg based film production and world sales company founded in 1993 by Paul Thiltges and jointly run with Adrien Chef. Collaborating with a large range of international partners, the six-headed team has built up a considerable network, allowing it to initiate projects or participate in ventures on a worldwide scale as producer, co-producer or sales agent.

The company’s film catalogue reflects the diversity of its professional network by including engaged documentaries and fiction such as the work of Michael Glawogger, Hicham Lasri or Ari Folman, while simultaneously working on rather entertaining fiction as with Frederic Jardin or Sylvie Testud. In the meantime Paul Thiltges Distributions also commits to animated fiction aimed to children, co-producing stories such as Kirikou & the Sorceress by Michel Ocelot or The Blue Arrow and A Greyhound of a Girl by Enzo D’Alò.

These projects have, among others, earned Paul Thiltges Distributions numerous nominations and awards at prestigious film festivals around the world like Locarno, Cannes, San Francisco or Annecy, consolidating its solid reputation in the international film industry.

Paul Thiltges


Samsa Films, co-Fondeur & Producer, 1986 – 1993
Paul Thiltges Distributions, Founder & Sales Agent, since 1993
Monipoly Productions, Founder & Producer, since 1993
Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu production, co-Founder & Producer, since 2011
Juliette Films, co-Founder & Producer, since 2011
Cartoon Media, Board Member, since 1988
ULPA (Luxembourg’s Producer Association), President, since 1996
Film Fund Luxembourg, Senior Advisor, since 2012


After an early career far from cameras and studios, (private employee for five years at BCEE Luxembourg followed by ten years as anelementary/high school teacher) Paul Thiltges chose to channel his passions into films.

He started independently in 1985 producing Andy Bausch’s first feature film Gwyncilla: Legend of Dark Ages.

In September 1986, Paul launched Samsa Film along with his brother Jani and 4 other partners, creating one of the first production companies in Luxembourg, producing its first feature film Die Reise das Land in 1987.

Together with Paul, Samsa Film has produced and distributed Schacko Klak, Three Shake-a-leg Steps to Heaven, Abracadabra, Anna-annA,(etc.)

Soon after being in charge of distribution, he created Samsa Distributions which became Paul Thiltges Distributions in 1993. Simultaneously he launched Monipoly Productions with Munich based producer Monika Aubele – a production company dedicated to animation pictures.

Since then, Paul Thiltges Distributions and Monipoly Productions have released such titles as: The Blue Arrow, first European animated feature to be distributed in the US by Miramax & The Walt Disney Company; Megacities and Workingman’s Death, selected by more than 40 festivals including Sundance, Toronto, Locarno and San Sebastian; Kirikou and the Sorceress, more than 1.6 million entries at French Box-office in 1999-2000.

Besides, Paul Thiltges took care of setting up his own production tool for animation and special effects. With advanced technology equipments (i.e. Solitaire Cine III camera), specialized in high-technicality tasks, his studio works for its own productions as well as for external clients, production companies and advertising agencies in the Benelux area. In 2000 he was appointed manager of idPROD, the production entity of IP Luxembourg, which he helped building up into IP(!)PRODUCTIONS and which he left in April 2012 to concentrate on his film activities.

As a resourceful executive, Paul’s responsibilities are spread into many businesses. Paul was a partner in the animation studio Tiramisusince 1990; he is a founding member of the publishing house éditions ultimomondo since 2000 and, along with Antoine Prum, he manages the production company Ni-Vu-Ni-Connu since 2011.

Last but not least, Paul has been regularly representing the interests of Luxembourg’s producers at an international level as a board member of several European programs including EURO AIM and CARTOON, as well as at a national level, especially as President of theLuxembourg Audiovisual Producers Union (ULPA) since 1996. Since February 2013, Paul is in charge of the promotion and distribution of the Luxembourgish films as a senior consultant to the Film Fund Luxembourg.

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