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    The Ulysses Of The XXI Century

    Morocco has one of the highest migration rates in the world. It is estimated that 3 million Moroccans live abroad. Since the first rural exodus movements in the 1950s, Moroccan cinema has witnessed all major migratory milestones: the phenomenon of the “patera” or dinghies, the life in Europe, homecoming… This documentary, The Ulysses of the […]


    This documentary offers a very intimate and hence mostly profound look into the different lifes of Finland’s people… A “StoryTent” was settled up in market places around Finland to collect stories from random passers-by without thematic limitations imposed by the film crew. Thus something unexpected happened: The tent became an intimate confession room and a […]


    In the 1920’s Han van Meegeren is considered a very talented painter who meets the actress Jólanka Lakatos, the wife of Abraham Bredius, the most important art critic of his day. Bredius ruthlessly takes revenge on Han by vilifying his work in public. Han van Meegeren then moves to France, concentrating on one thing only: […]
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    Sven-Åke Johanssons ist in seiner Musik verschiedensten Variationen nachgegangen während er sie gleichzeitig stets spielerisch transzendiert hat. Geboren in Mariestad in 1943, zog er 1960 nach Berlin wo er seither in verschiedensten Kunstszenen aktiv ist. In seinen musikalischen Werken erforscht er musikalische Relikien welche er mithilfe “armer” Materialen neugestaltet.


    a documentary by Andy Bausch “Sixty8“ is the story of a generation looking for an own identity an foremost to question society’s values told by the students, pupils and anti-authoritarian professors who were parts of that generation. It is through their eyes that the documentary looks at these events, in a time where Luxembourg was […]
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    6 March 2018

    Baby (a)lone tells the story of two lost teenagers, aiming for happiness in a society which has resigned from its duties. Both of them will go too far beyond the limits.

    A Greyhound Of A Girl

    17 February 2018

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