Matthias Nerlich

Felix Parson

Christoph Herrmann

Adrien Chef

Paul Thiltges

société de production

Südhang Films

Paul Thiltges Distributions

société de distribution

Paul Thiltges Distributions

Was Bleibt

(Touch Me)

un film de Eileen Byrne
Alice has a fight on her hands. Against her breast cancer which makes her feel so helpless as she sees her body changing. Against her fears about what still lies ahead. And against Moritz who loves her deeply but struggles as much as her with the new situation. In a quiet, atmospheric way, the movie tells the day-to-day story of a relationship that will never be the same again.

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Avec : Kristin Suckow, Max Bretschneider

Drama | 21 | 16:9 | HD | Color | 5.1 | DE | Sub : EN

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