Gary Tarn

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Land Media Productions (UK)

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Paul Thiltges Distributions


un film de Gary Tarn
The Prophet, a film directed and composed by BAFTA-nominated Gary Tarn (Black Sun, 2005) takes Kahlil Gibran’s classic novel and spins it into a cinematic exploration of love, life and loss. Shot on his solo travels to Serbia, Lebanon, New York, Milan and London with a 16mm and HD camera Tarn filmed people, situations and places that resonate with, rather than illustrate, the theme of Gibran’s text. The result is a film featuring images from around the globe that act as a visual equivalent to Gibran’s written word and create a common, contemporary thread between each culture. The Prophet is visually striking, finding beauty in the everyday - moviegoers who like a film that makes them think will relish its beautifully evocative nature. And, in a stroke of exquisite taste, the film is narrated by British actress Thandie Newton who delivers Gibran’s captivating prose with an intimate reading, woven into a score for orchestra, guitar, cello and synthesiser. First published in 1923, The Prophet has sold millions of copies worldwide and was the bible of the 60’s counter-culture, famous for its main character’s simple, inspiring answers to the questions with which all of us grapple. Its timeless message continues to be read and to inspire people around the world today.

Avec : Thandie Newton

Documentary | 75 min | 16mm & HD | EN | Sub : FR _AR