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Les Témoins Vivants

(The Living Witnesses)

un film de Karolina Markiewicz, Pascal Piron
THE LIVING WITNESSES is a film tying the past to the present: from antisemitism, racism and the Holocaust of the Second World War to the new wave of racism emerging throughout Europe today. Following three living witnesses from the Second World War, survivors of deportation or concentration camps and three students from Luxembourg either born here or immigrated from Syria or the Ivory Coast. With the deportation and the extermination of Jews in mind, the six living witnesses discover how crimes against humanity still play a considerable role in the consciousness of our societies today. We are still living in the post Second World War era, but the “never again” statements seem to fade away.

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En Production - 2020 - Feature Documentary | 90 | 16:9 | HD | Color | 5.1 | EN, LU, DE | Sub : EN, FR, DE