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David Bandurski

Paul Thiltges

Adrien Chef

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un film de André ZHAO
The small village of Yangji. First it was swallowed up by the vastly expanding city of Guangzhou (previously: Canton). Now the villagers are supposed to clear out their simple homes. Modern China doesn’t have room for these old eyesores in what has become the financial district, and investors are ravenous for inner city plots. Only few dare to resist the highly corrupt political and economic system, which has little time or patience for the needs of individuals. Family father Ah Zhong has risked everything – and has successfully resisted eviction from his home. Now he advises homeowners in Xian how they can defend their rights. To the opposing villagers, Ah Zhong is a role model and a hero. But they refuse to see that the price Ah Zhong had to pay for his victory was extremely high – perhaps too high. A Pyrrhic victory.

Documentary | 2017 | 78 min | HD & 4K | Color | CN | Sub : EN