MONDO VENEZIANO, High Noon in the Sinking City


Tun Van Rijkswijk

Didier Wéry

Paul Thiltges

société de production

Maciste Film

MONDO VENEZIANO, High Noon in the Sinking City

un film de Antoine Prum
For Luxembourg’s participation in the 51st edition of the Venice Biennale, artist and filmmaker Antoine Prum wrote and directed a medium length film (32’00’’) shot in High Definition (HD) technology and transferred to 35mm film by PTD. Mondo Veneziano, High Noon in the Sinking City addresses a wide variety of theoretical discourses currently on the contemporary art agenda, confronting them with a series of unexpected and spectacular events. Cast in an abandoned Venice, Mondo Veneziano narrates a meeting of four protagonists, representative of key players in the art world, who appear to conduct a complex theoretical debate. But their soliloquious confrontation — an insidious patchwork of quotations from recent specialist literature, paraphrasing the widely used “post-modern” technique of sampling — is interrupted by a string of bloody killings, largely inspired by common cinema genres such as gore or splatter movies. The Venice that serves as a backdrop to the characters’ intellectual and physical joust is in reality a large-scale film set located in a southern town in Luxembourg, which has served in numerous feature films. Mondo Veneziano does not attempt to conceal the backlot; rather, the city itself becomes something of a quotation, much like the protagonists, who are depicted as actors rehearsing their comic-style figures for a final showdown. Alternating sinuous discursive phases with resolute physical action, Mondo Veneziano is a part serious, part caustic comment on a professional milieu.

Avec : Otto Berchem, Marianne Greber, Taygun Nowbary, Andreï Volfson

Short | 32 min | 35 mm & 16:9 | EN - DE | Sub : EN