To save his small country from cosmic annihilation, a superhero in midlife crisis must face his greatest fear: his family! “Superjhemp Retörns” became with 10 prints and more than 60.000 admissions in 3 months the most successful Luxembourgish film of all time and the film of the year 2018, box office No 1 beating “The […]


    Jake De Long is one of the top computer programmers in the world. Hiding in an abandoned warehouse in Luxembourg, he is working on a secret website to be launched soon. As he does, he is warned that the police have discovered his whereabouts and are about to storm in. He manages to escape and […]


    A fun and gritty dark comedy about a meek young man (Ruggero) who impulsively robs a bank to prove to his ex-wife that he is courageous and masculine. A police investigation engulfs everyone except our unassuming hero who is completely ignored. Through a set of hilarious coincidences, he gets away with the robbery, while corrupt […]


    Where The Wind Blew tells the story of how the Cold War super powers, in their race to develop more and more deadly bombs, spent forty years developing weapons capable of wiping out entire nations, while sacrificing their own vulnerable populations in the name of national security. We may have become complacent about nuclear testing […]


    On October 6th, 2012, at approximately midnight, a Swiss banker, Michel Yagchi, committed suicide in the basement of his house in Geneva. That evening, Michel’s entire family was out of the country, travelling to Brussels to attend the graduation of Michel’s eldest son Yvann. Three years later, Yvann decided to start investigating his father’s mysterious […]

    The Ulysses Of The XXI Century

    Morocco has one of the highest migration rates in the world. It is estimated that 3 million Moroccans live abroad. Since the first rural exodus movements in the 1950s, Moroccan cinema has witnessed all major migratory milestones: the phenomenon of the “patera” or dinghies, the life in Europe, homecoming… This documentary, The Ulysses of the […]


    In the 1920’s Han van Meegeren is considered a very talented painter who meets the actress Jólanka Lakatos, the wife of Abraham Bredius, the most important art critic of his day. Bredius ruthlessly takes revenge on Han by vilifying his work in public. Han van Meegeren then moves to France, concentrating on one thing only: […]


    2017 Berlinale Panorama competition Casablanca, June 11, 1986, day of the world cup After yet another blunder, an embittered cop, Daoud, is sent by his dissatis edsuperiors to spend a day on a bridge between two warring neighborhoods to protect the hypothetical passage of the Royal procession. At the same time a hopeless Don Quixote […]


    2016 DOCUTAH Raven winner: Best Foreign Film Can we really be fully human without Free Speech? Is free speech the oxygen of our society? Without it we crumble. Free Speech Fear Free get’s to the core of what free speech really is, and the impact it has on our day to day lives. It compares […]


    What would the world look like if nuclear power had been conceived to provide energy rather than bombs or nuclear submarines? Thorium molten salt reactors: ever heard about this technology? In a parallel universe, this reactor, combined with solar and wind power, ensures a guaranteed access to energy all over the planet. The oil wars […]


    The small village of Yangji. First it was swallowed up by the vastly expanding city of Guangzhou (previously: Canton). Now the villagers are supposed to clear out their simple homes. Modern China doesn’t have room for these old eyesores in what has become the financial district, and investors are ravenous for inner city plots. Only […]


    Germany, 1967. Ruby and Martin, a young couple, are rehearsing their uprising. The price is high: Expulsion from school, parental violence, and ultimately institutionalization. But they’re ready to take on the cause of love. Festivals: Official selection Internationales Filmfest Mannheim-Heidelberg Official selection Diagonale Festival des Österreichischen Films Official selection Nordische Filmtage Lübeck Awards: Brussels Film […]

    HANA, DUL, SED …

    Football was their life, and they had a dream: one day the General would shake their hands.


    Taking the Dog for a Walk maps the scene of British Improvised Music, past and present. Alternating with extended music sequences, the conversations led by stand up comedian Stewart Lee gravitate around the idiosyncrasies of improvisation, from playing in front of the proverbial ‘four men and a dog’ to pursuing a career in a milieu […]


    Despite the ridicule of his cruel older brothers, Antis, the youngest son in his family embarks on a mission to save a beautiful Princess from the glass mountain where she has been imprisoned by the Black Mother, an evil witch who feeds on the sadness of others. On his journey, Antis meets the helpful White […]


    Kertu is kept at close reign living at home with her parents. In the village, where she silently delivers the mail, word is out that she is a simpleton. Villu, the local handyman, wins Kertu’s heart, even though everyone knows him to be a shameless womanizer and hopeless drunk. She had never expressed feelings for […]


    Luxembourg. One of the world’s smallest countries, a green and peaceful place bordered by Belgium, France and Germany. The birthplace of two brothers, Andy and Fränk Schleck, two of the world’s best professional cyclists. Following Team Leopard Trek and the Schleck Brothers, this film focuses upon the team’s participation in the prestigious 2011 Tour de […]


    The Prophet, a film directed and composed by BAFTA-nominated Gary Tarn (Black Sun, 2005) takes Kahlil Gibran’s classic novel and spins it into a cinematic exploration of love, life and loss. Shot on his solo travels to Serbia, Lebanon, New York, Milan and London with a 16mm and HD camera Tarn filmed people, situations and […]

    ANDUNI, Fremde Heimat

    What is home? Is it a place? The place of mother tongue and tradition? The place of selfrealisation or of the family? ANDUNI – Where are we goin’ then? Always home! When her father dies, Belinda is drawn more and more into the burlesque world of her Armenian family, that she never really cared about […]


    Social worker Hans-Peter Stadler, compulsively anxious to please is short of money and resorts to a white lie to get some quick cash. At first his success appears to justify his actions, but actually it marks the beginning of the end.


    Our three little friends, Pipì, Pupù and Rosmary, travel throughout the world in search of Mapà. Pipì is a funny racoon, Pupù a joyful little bird, and Rosmary a very sensible rabbit.


    Antoine Prum’s documentary feature Sunny’s time now is a vibrant homage to an uncompromising artist, American avant-garde jazz drummer Sunny Murray, arguably one of the most influential figures of the historic free jazz scene… Featuring a series of interviews with key time witnesses (Val Wilmer, Cecil Taylor, Tony Bevan, Bobby Few, Sonny Simmons, François Tusques […]


    This is a love and hate story built around something no one can see or touch: radio waves. During the 80’s, Radio Free Europe was the secret relief and confidant of its Romanian listeners. The Radio was Ceausescu’s most important enemy; he even hired Carlos the Jackal to close it down. All the protagonists of […]


    Welcome to Shanghai, capital of capitalism! In an unprecedented building boom since the 1990s, more than 2000 high-rise buildings have mushroomed to the sky, creating the world’s most erratic skyline. As Shanghai hurtles towards the future at breakneck speed, many historic treasures fall prey to the wrecking ball. While his contemporaries pride themselves on investing […]

    ÜBER WASSER, menschen und gelbe kanister

    When water runs out, the world ends. He who wants water must be prepared to kill for it» an old Arab saying goes. At the beginning of the 21st century water, the ancient source of life, already is in short supply all over the world. From the heart of Africa to the Aral Sea in […]

    LIFE IN LOOPS, a Megacities RMX

    Multimedia artist Timo Novotny labels his new project an experimental music documentary film, in a remix of the celebrated film Megacities (1997), a visually refined essay on the hidden faces of several world “megacities” by leading Austrian documentarist Michael Glawogger. Novotny complements 30 % of material taken straight from the film (and re-edited) with 70 […]


    Co-produced by Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men, Y tu mamá también) and John Battsek (Searching for Sugar Man, One Day in September), Black Sun tells the story of Hugues de Montalembert, a French artist and filmmaker living in New York, who was blinded during a violent assault in 1978. Combining de Montalembert’s audio narrative […]

    MONDO VENEZIANO, High Noon in the Sinking City

    For Luxembourg’s participation in the 51st edition of the Venice Biennale, artist and filmmaker Antoine Prum wrote and directed a medium length film (32’00’’) shot in High Definition (HD) technology and transferred to 35mm film by PTD. Mondo Veneziano, High Noon in the Sinking City addresses a wide variety of theoretical discourses currently on the […]


    For their debut film, directors Antoine Prum and Boris Kremer stuck to the heels of Luxembourg strongman Georges Christen bending, towing and twisting his way through Russia. Proud holder of 23 Guinness Book World Records in feats of strength – such as bending nails, towing trains, planes, and ships with his teeth, or tearing up […]


    Today’s manual laborers are no longer celebrated with hymns of praise. They must be content with encouraging one another that backbreaking work is better than no work at all… In the Ukraine, a group of men spend long days crawling through cramped shafts of illegal coal mines. Sulfur gatherers in Indonesia brave the smoky heat […]


    Earth is beautiful. It’s people who make it horrific. Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow, New York: seductive yet repellent monsters. The contradiction insinuates itself into the daily lives of those who populate these megacities. The film’s twelve chapters tell the tales of: Shankar, the Bioscope Man; Modesto, the chicken feet vendor; Baba Khan, the paint recycler; […]


    Enter Fliltze the Firetooth, a dragon – a child dragon to be exact – recently hatched from a long forgotten egg left in some secret hiding place since the age of myth and warrior, like the 10,000 year old Alpine mountain climber recently found still frozen where time had forgotten him. But unlike dragons of […]

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