Vilnis Kalnaellis

David Grumbach

Paul Thiltges

Petter Lindblad

société de production

Riga Film (LV)

Vilanima Studios of Lithuania (LT)

Paul Thiltges Distributions

Copenhagen Bombay (DK)

société de distribution

Paul Thiltges Distributions


un film de Reinis Kalnaellis
Despite the ridicule of his cruel older brothers, Antis, the youngest son in his family embarks on a mission to save a beautiful Princess from the glass mountain where she has been imprisoned by the Black Mother, an evil witch who feeds on the sadness of others. On his journey, Antis meets the helpful White Father, the sworn enemy of Black Mother. However, Antis soon realises there are many more obstacles standing in his way. Will Antis’ be able to save the Princess’s through persistence and bravery and conquer the Black Mother?

79min | 1.85 : 1 | LV - EN | Sub : De, Fr, En