Tony Loeser

Peter Schaumlechner

Rolf Schmid

Nicolas Steil

société de production

Fama Film (CH)

Impuls Entertainment (CH)

Iris Productions

MotionWorks (D)


un film de Robi Engler
Teenagers Lucinda and Benji are rock musicians. When the villain, Maestro, steals Benji’s shadow, the boy can no longer play a note. Worse, he begins, physically, to fade away. The hero, Globi, tracks Maestro to a subterranean Gothic opera house, where he discovers that Maestro steals musicians’ shadows in order to control all the world’s music. Globi and his friends must reunite the shadows with their musicians, and so save all the world’s music. GLOBI is essentially a movie for children and it therefore deals with its potentially complex premise – the theft of shadows – in a clear, accessible way. The older and more sophisticated members of the audience will be piqued by the significance of shadows … the shadow world … the shadow as an analogy for the soul … while the younger members will simply see the shadow thefts as part of the drama and the comedy. And, of course, GLOBI is at heart a comedy. Like all good comedy, it has real drama and conflict at base – but it never loses its sense of humor; it never takes itself or its characters too seriously; and it retains a great feeling for the fun in every situation. Much of the movie’s humor is physical, some of it slapstick. Its characters – particularly Globi, Maestro and the Rat, are astonishingly expressive in visual terms – that expressiveness fully exploited in the animation.

Animation | 75 min | De - Fr - En