Monika Aubele

Paul Thiltges

société de production

Monipoly Productions

Alpha Film


un film de Milos Hlavac
Enter Fliltze the Firetooth, a dragon - a child dragon to be exact - recently hatched from a long forgotten egg left in some secret hiding place since the age of myth and warrior, like the 10,000 year old Alpine mountain climber recently found still frozen where time had forgotten him. But unlike dragons of yore, Flitze has no parents to raise him, no papa dragon to teach him to breathe fire, fear humans, terrorize villages and inspire the wrath of man and the envy of other animals. Instead, what Flitze finds is friends. Flitze enters a world of animals and children, of trees and earth and wind in the ancient and sometimes scary forest of Never Moor. While cars speed past on the autobahn and satelite dishes perch atop neighboring houses, the lush and green forest life along the rocky slopes and in the dark mysterious caves of Never Moor seems to be timeless. It is a safe haven from the world of progress. When Flitze suddenly and unexpectedly falls into this world, his arrival triggers all the other dormant elements of magic, myth and legend to revive, to come back from their centuries of slumber. And into this world of reborn wonder comes our fledgling dragon anxious to learn his place in the world and, most especially, to find another like himself, to find his kin and his place in this new and wondrous world he was left so unprepared for...

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Series | 6 x 26 min | De