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Between Heaven and Earth

un film de Najwa Najjar
A love story about divorce.. a road movie - a journey to the most unexpected places.  The film takes Tamer, the son of a revolutionary killed in Beirut in the 70's and Salma, a Palestinian girl from Nazareth - living in the West Bank.  After 5 years of marriage, they receive permission to enter Israel.. only to get a divorce. Upon reaching the court, they are told that Tamer's father (who is dead) still has residence in the country and they need to find his former partner, an Iraqi Jewish woman,  in order to finalise their divorce.

Original synopsis

Avec : Mouna Hawa, Firas Nassar

En Production - 2019 - Drama | 95 | 16:9 | HD | Color | 5.1 | AR | Sub : EN, FR

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