Vilnis Kalnaellis

Paul Thiltges

Adrien Chef

société de production

Rija Films

Paul Thiltges Distributions

Apple Pie Lullaby

(Apple Pie Lullaby)

un film de Reinis Kalnaellis
IN PRODUCTION Thelma is a little penguin who is not like the others. She doesn’t like snow very much, or freezing water, and she wishes she could fly. Was that because she was born in the Great Forest, and partially raised by her best friends, Cat Vilhelm and Mouse Sophia? Living in the Land of Ice again, Thelma also worries about her upcoming birthday. What if Birthday doesn’t find her snow-covered house - will she have to stay four forever? When Thelma tries to organize a Birthday Party for her forest friends, she tumbles into a great adventure that will teach her all she needs to know to become a proper penguin.

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Animation | 75 | 16:9 | HD | color | 5.1 | EN | Sub : None