ANDUNI, Fremde Heimat


Paul Thiltges

David Grumbach

Anita Elsani

société de production

Elsani Films (DE)

Paul Thiltges Distributions

société de distribution

Paul Thiltges Distributions

ANDUNI, Fremde Heimat

un film de Samira Radsi
What is home? Is it a place? The place of mother tongue and tradition? The place of selfrealisation or of the family? ANDUNI – Where are we goin’ then? Always home! When her father dies, Belinda is drawn more and more into the burlesque world of her Armenian family, that she never really cared about earlier. But the more comfortable she feels here, the more she estranges from her college life and her boyfriend Manuel. Belinda makes herself onto a journey between safety and instability, freedom and narrowness. A search fo a home, with half of her familiy participating- and also Manuel.

Original synopsis

Avec : Florian Lukas, Irina Potapenko, Tilo Prückner

Drama | 80 min | DE